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Positive Material Identification scanner

Positive material identification service in Falkirk available across the UK


PMI – positive material identification - is a specialised non-destructive testing method for identifying the composition of components and materials. To order a service, get in touch with our team directly.


PMI provides information on the grade of metal and on the alloy composition and is applied to new components on receipt from the manufacturer to ensure they meet specifications. PMI provides material composition data for existing, installed components to inform decisions on change of use or operating parameters. If it is not known what material has been used for a component or a material certificate is missing, then PMI provides the solution. PMI can also be used to sort scrap material and support re-use and recycling.

Inspection Ecosse Ltd in Scotland operate an S1 Titan handheld XRF (x-ray fluorescence) analyser, manufactured by Bruker. This instrument is highly accurate at determining the chemical composition of alloys, and thereby their grade.

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